APARCS specializes in restoration & conservation of paintings and frames. We adhere to the highest conservation & restoration standards.

40 Years Experience in the Restoration and Conservation of Both Historical and Art Objects

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The Difference Between Conservation and Restoration 

Original substance preservation of historical or art objects is the  first and most important task of Conservation. Following this, any material or method used should be reversible, leaving the door open for future treatments. Logically, consolidations sometimes might not meet this standard. The purpose of conservation is to stop deterioration, reinforce weakened materials, and remove unoriginal elements. This too should be done cautiously as in certain cases, unoriginal elements may be historically or artistically valuable.

Restoration is an action to bring objects to their original appearance. It must meet certain conditions. First of all, the difference between damage and natural aging must be acknowledged. And the reconstruction of details, finishings, or paint layer(s) should be based on tests and deep studies. Reconstructions must be distinguishable by use of different material, texture, tone or markings. Despite this, reconstructions have to be aesthetically intact. Following these principles we can bring historical objects to their full glory without losing their authenticity.